Copy Right Office In Bangaldesh and Importance of Copy Right In Bangladesh

Copy right is the way through which you can preserve your creativity.Suppose you have written one book and you want to ensure that no one is going to copy this book and any part of the book then you need to registrar for copy right.This is the only way through which you can preserve your creativity and uniqueness.
Copy right is preserving your creativity by dint of law and order.In Bangladesh now a days some people are always try to copy something from others.Like cinema CD,audio CD,video CD,books etc.To protect those elements you must need to register your work with copy right authority.
There is only one office in Bangladesh where you can register for Copy right.The name of the office is copy right office.The address and contact details of the office is written below:

Copyright Offices
Country Bangladesh
Competent administration
EN: Copyright Office
Registry of Copyrights
Ministry of Cultural Affairs
FR: Bureau du droit d'auteur
Registre du droit d'auteur
Ministère des affaires culturelles
Web site address
Address National Library building (2nd Floor)
32, S. M. Morshed Sarani, Agargaon
Sher-e-Bangla Nagar
Telephone (880 2) 911 96 32
Telefax (880 2) 716 90 08 / 911 87 04