How to Choose a DSLR camera before buying this?

Day by day DSLR Camera is becoming a type of camera that is becoming reachable to the average people as the price is falling and the manufactures are deducting the price.Manufactures are also manufacturing more user friendly model.
Now the question comes how you will choose a DSLR camera before busying this?There are a large collection of DSLR camera before you so you can pick one from this large variety.

The first thing that will come into your mind while buying a DSLR camera is the price.The range is from some quite affordable deals to a highly expensive ones which are professional.So,you should keep in mind that you need to consider some other costs including the below:

Batteries (All models come by one battery but if you are traveling then you need a couple).
Memory Card (In most of the cases you will not get a memory card,luckly if you get one in that case you must need to upgrade it to some 1 gigabyte memory)
Camera Bag (Some dealers will not give you the original bag and some will not give you any camera bag,but as it is you DSLR camera ,you must need a good high quality bag to protect your camera).

2. What type of photography you are going to do with it?

In most of the cases when you will enter into a shop the sales man will ask you what type of photography you are going to do with this camera.Cause according to this the salesman will show you various kinds of camera.So,this is always wise to think of and determine what kind of photography you are going to do with that camera.
In most of the cases we do not think realistic and dream of that we will do all kinds of photography.But in real life we just only do half of it.So,determine whether you are going to use it in real life recording ,in you travel or in macro photography or in some other purpose like wild life.

Most of the DSLR cameras are bigger than the regular size but and compared to other compact cameras. Some people dont mind to carry a big size camera but if you are going to use it in travel or in a bushwalk then the small size is more handy.


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