HostGator Earthday Discount Sale 60% with Coupon Code

I am really excited to write this article cause HostGator is offer a huge discount on all new web hosting plans. Tomorrow 22nd April, 2016 and on this very day for 24 hours Hostgator is offering a 60% sale on all new hosting plans.

Those who are new to blogging, or blogging in free blogging platform but want to host their own blog, this is a huge opportunity to grab the Hostgator sale of 60% on Earthday and start blogging in your own WodrPress hosting.

You can save up to 65 USD for the first year of your Hatchling plan on Hostgator. The comparison is below:
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When I started my blog in WordPress, I also started with Hostgator hosting plan and I am still using Hostgator for the last 4 years. I did not face any major problem with HostGator. Their after sales service is really awesome! You can live chat with their customer care agent anytime as their service is 24x7. The downtime of the server is also low and the loding speed of the website is really high. 

Bangladeshi Singer Nancy Committed Suicide Attempt and Admitted in Hospital (Video)

Bangladeshi popular singer Nancy had committed suicide yesterday evening in Netrokona, Mymensingh. It is been reported that after taking lunch, she has taken a huge number of sleeping pills because of this she has became very sick and admitted to the Mymenshing Medical College Hospital.

From family source, it is informed that Nancy had got married with Zahid who is working in Netrokona Municipality. After getting married she was not in a good relationship with his husband. During that time she also became a mother of a baby girl.

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Mainly the cause of the committing suicide according to her family source is that she was depressed about his career and family. After expressing a straight forward opinion against the ruling party and becoming close to the opposition is the cause of the hard time of her career, some family person told.
After expressing the straight forward opinion, she was not getting any concert offer and also her previously  settled concert offers were also getting declined after that. So, she got very depressed and this is the main cause of her committing suicide.

What is So Good About Cloud Storage?

When it comes to cloud storage, mobile users also make up a large chunk of the users or audience. Mobile phones these days tend to be able to hold a hell of a lot of data but eventually, this gets full up. Phones tend to hold important photos and music, the sort of things you don't want to use so this is where online storage comes in. Most of the major online storage companies offer a mobile app which will let you literally choose files from your phone and send the data up to the cloud. On top of that, you can also keep your phone permanently sync'd with the online backup service so any file you create on your phone can automatically be synced up. This is a great way to save space and also make your files accessible anywhere and at any time. Sounds good right?

Cloud storage is one of those technologies that is fast becoming the standard when considering online backup and storage. This is a relatively new technology but the popularity and traction it has is second to none. The market speaks and if people like a service and are happy with how it performs then of course it will take off. More so than any other non-web-based technology. So what's all the fuss about? Surely it's just storing data online. What's so special about that? Well, it's the sheer fact that it's extremely affordable and not only that, it's effectively limitless and extremely easy to use. These two things combined make it a sure fire recipe for success. Both now and in the future. if you think cloud storage could be something which you'd utilise for yourself or for your business.

So what can a typical or average home user get of cloud storage? Well, first and foremost it gives you a super-fast, secure and reliable way to backup the data from your computer. Of course, backing up data is nothing new and people have always found a way to store data that is important to them. But when it comes to cloud storage, it makes things that little bit easier. Data syncing via the cloud is not only secure but it's extremely fast and for the most part, easy to use. Lots of people are using it from your tech-savvy business user to old folks looking for a quick and easy way to store family photos without the risk of damage that comes with keeping files on your home desktop computer or laptop. It's not a technology that is going to go away any time soon, so best to embrace it and move with the times.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Match Schedule Fixture in Bangladesh Time

The below images gives you the FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Match Schedule Fixture in Bangladesh Time. If you do not have any specific fixture or match schedule of FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil, then you will face problem to get the time of the matches. May be you can miss a match of your favorite team. So, this is always better to keep one copy of the FIFA World Cup Match Fixture which has Bangladesh time in it. So, keep it with you and enjoy all the matches of your favorite team.