Bangladeshi Singer Nancy Committed Suicide Attempt and Admitted in Hospital (Video)

Bangladeshi popular singer Nancy had committed suicide yesterday evening in Netrokona, Mymensingh. It is been reported that after taking lunch, she has taken a huge number of sleeping pills because of this she has became very sick and admitted to the Mymenshing Medical College Hospital.

From family source, it is informed that Nancy had got married with Zahid who is working in Netrokona Municipality. After getting married she was not in a good relationship with his husband. During that time she also became a mother of a baby girl.

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Mainly the cause of the committing suicide according to her family source is that she was depressed about his career and family. After expressing a straight forward opinion against the ruling party and becoming close to the opposition is the cause of the hard time of her career, some family person told.
After expressing the straight forward opinion, she was not getting any concert offer and also her previously  settled concert offers were also getting declined after that. So, she got very depressed and this is the main cause of her committing suicide.


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