Different Types Jamdani Sarees

1. Dhakai Jamdani:
Dhakai Jamdani sarees can be distinguished from other jamdani sarees cause the texture resembling muslin and for its elaborate and ornate workmanship. These sarees have exclusive floral or linear motifs and some exclusive work of design in the pallu or anchol.The mango motif signifying the growth, fertility and marital bliss. So, the designs are not only designs ,they also have special meaning.
The Dhakai jamdani sarees are produced in old Jala Loom and sometimes it took one year to weave one single Jamdani saree. It feels supple to the touch and drapes gently to reveal the contours of wearer.
2. Tangail Jamdani Sarees:
These sarees have Jamdani motifs on the Tangail fabric so the name is defined as Tangail Jamdani Saree.The traditional Tangail jamdani saree always have a Padma or a lotus paar or a Pradeep or lamp paar unlike the “aansh paar” which is commonly found in other jamdani sarees. Usually single color is used to design the saree. But now a days upto three colors are used in the border of the saree to make it “Meenakari ” effect.
3.Shantipuri Jamdani Sarees:
The shantipuri Jamdani Sarees are named after the village “Shantipur” which is situated in the Nadia District of west Bengal.This village is famous for its “Vaishnava” culture of Gouranga Maha Pravu.These sarees have a powder fine texture and has a sophisticated design and subtlety of temperament. The borders on the shantipuri jamdani sarees could be either dyed cotton-silk or art silk or viscose yarns or gold and silver zaris.In the pallu or anchol which is hanged from the shoulder has a very nice butis or jamdani design along with stripes of different widths.

4. Dhaniakhali Jamdani Sarees:
This type of jamdani sarees are more tightly weaved compared to Tangail or shantiprui jamdani sarees. Its blood body color and contrasting borders and absolutely low prices make it more affordable to the common people.


Jamdani is one of the most famous traditional weaving technique from West Bengal. Jamdani Bengali tant sarees display a variety of nature inspired motifs and geometric patterns in beautiful colors and are a must have in all Bengali festivals and rituals.

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Bengal tant cotton sarees are among the most popular sarees worn by the women of West Bengal and Bangladesh.silk sarees