Beauty Tips To Get Pink Lips

Lips have a very important beauty appeal on others who see you.Cause this is the first thing that people watch on your face.The lips having a pink sheds are the attractive ones.But some are having dark and dull lips and they suffer lack of confidence before other for having such lips.If you are also suffer from this kind of problem then the below tips are going to help you a lot:
Eat lots of food and try to rub  you lips with a piece of fruit that you eat and drink at least 8 glass of water a day.
Apply home made butter on your lips.You can also apply milk butter if butter is not available in your house.Try to use it before sleeping.
Apply lime juice on your lips to lighten the colour of your lips.

Soak raisins in water overnight and eat this in the very early morning.This is going to help you a lot to get a pink lips.
Apply almond oil on your lips.Otherwise you can also mix this with milk cream and rub or cover your lips with this.This is very helpful for brightening your lips.
You can either use almond oil or olive oil daily to make your lips more pink.
If you are a smoker then you must need to quit smoking.THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT.If you continue smoking then the other treatments are not going to work.
Please let me know if the above tips worked.