3 Basic Beauty Tips to Natural Skin Care

The first step to take beauty care is skin care.Cause skin is the outer most part of the body and responsible for your overall beauty.Below are 3 basics steps to take care of skin naturally:
1.Proper Cleansing of Skin:
Try to cleanse your skin in a simple way.No need to buy an extraordinary or expensive cleanser.A decent cleanser which is available in market is good for this.Better not to use bar soap cause those are made up of harsh chemicals which can damage skin.Do not need to cleanse your skin very often.This is ok to cleanse your skin once a day before going to bed.
Most of the people just skip this step of cleansing their skin.But this is important.Cause exfoliating with scurb washes the dead skin layer from your face which is responsible for your gloomy complexion.Do not use a cheap scarp.Cause the cheap scarb available in the market are having big grains.But you need to use tiny grained scurbs.So,do not use scard with big grains and try to use scarb with tiny grains.
Moisturizing is another important skin care.If your skin is too tight then you need moisturizing.Most of the dermatologists suggest moisturizing if the skin is tight.This keeps your skin healthy.But over moisturizer can clog the pores.So,be aware before taking moisturizing.


Thank your for these tips. I have sensitive skin so they'll be really helpful to me.