Beauty Tips for Fair Complexion

The dark complexion is because of the Melanin in our body skin.If the melanin is huge in the skin then the complexion gets dark.The number of melanin increases if the heat increases.Try the below handy tips for fair complexion and see the result within a short period of time:

    * Try to use a face-pack made up of sandalwood and rose petals and cover it up to 30 minutes.Then wash it with clean water.This will wash your skin naturally and gives your skin a fairy glow.
    * Make a paste of grinned almond and rose water and use it on your skin.These will help you to glow your skin.You can also use the paste on your neck and a fairy glow will come out after a week or couple of week.
    * You can also use fresh vegetables on your skin.Vegetables like tomato and cucumber willhelp your skin to get a natural golw.Cut the tomato in half and rub it on your face.For cucumber,make some small slice of cucumber without cutting its skin.then rub your face and body with those pieces.
    * You can also use potato's on your face and hand.Cut the potato's in slice and then put those in water.After putting those for 10 minutes then use those on your skin.
    * Do not forget the natural fairness beauty tips which is use sandalwood and turmeric power or paste on you skin to get the natural glow.