Beauty Tips to Get Rid of Cracked Heels


This is really bad feeling when your cracked heels are visible among people when you take off your expensive heel shoes in beach or in a temple or in a church.This is also painful cause the cracked heels also causes pain.
The cracked heels are not only ugly to look at but also those are dangerous too.They can get infected if it is uncovered and sometimes also bleeding starts from those cracked heels.So,it is time to take some action against these cracked heels specially in winter season when this happens most.

    * Try to keep your heel clean and all you can do it soak your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes and rub and remove the dry skin from your feet .But do not over rub.That will cause you pain.
    * There is no need to add amega-3 fatty acid in your diet.Rather you can take food which is equivalent to omega-3 fatty acid.Or you can do another thing which is include omega-3 fatty acid in you diet.It will help to cure the cracked heel.Other wise you can also take flax seed oil to get cured from cracked heel.
    * Another thing you can do is,after soaking your feet with warm water apply some moisturized cream or lotion on the cracked heels and cover it with socks.This will provide enough moisture to the heel and those will get health amd smooth.Before going to bed you can also apply some lotion on it.But do not forge to cover it with socks.Otherwise the lotions will mess up with your bed cover.

If you do the above steps,i am quite sure that you will be able to prevent and cure your heels from cracking version.Then you can take off your heel shoes whenever you want.