Natural Tips to Whitening Your Teeth

Having white teeth is always a dream to each and every female who beauty conscious.Below are some tips which will help you to maintain a white set of teeth through which you can smile confidently among the people:
  • Cleaning your teeth with littel salt (the salt that we use for cooking is ok to use) will help you to polish your hair and this is good for teeth.
  • Washing your teeth with paste of lime and coriander leaves will also help to get your teeth a white shade.
  • Gargling of water with a spoon of honey will make your teeth white and strengthen your teeth.
  • Cleaning you teeth with padam seeds and with a lime water will make your teeth look more white.
  • Washing your mouth with lime water,a half cup of rose patel mixed water and lime will keep your mouth fresh and will prevent gum swelling.
  • Always rub your teeth with clean finger before brushing your teeth.This will kill and remove deadly germs.
  • Brushing you teeth with a solid lime and a bit of salt will prevent removing stains.
Please let me know if you have any question or it works for your case.


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