Jamdani Sarees In Dhaka - Bangladesh

 "Jamdani Saree" is a product of hand-loom and  made up of cotton.This type of jamdani saree came from the idea of Muslin,another super thin and soft fabric of Bangladesh.There are some kinds of jamdani like figured or flowered jamdani and fabricated jamdani.But whatever may be the kind jamdani is undoubtedly the best cotton weaved handloom product in Bangladesh.

 Narayanganj is a place near the capital Dhaka ,where the traditional jamdani is weaved.In Sonargaon in Narayanganj there is also one market where the jamdani is sold in the very early morning.On that market in Sonargaon the weavers gather in the very early morning and sell jamdani saree in a very low price.Though,they sell a large number of jamdani saree over there but still the price they get is very low in comparison to their hard labor.

But this jamdani saree price gets very high when it is displayed in a showroom in the market.There is a renowned place where you will get a lot of jamdani collection in the city of Dhaka.
Hokers Markets near Dhaka new market is a nice place to buy jamdani saree cause you will get a huge collection and the price are also reasonable.
Another market is Benarosi Polli in Mirpur,Dhaka,Here also you will get a lot of jamdani saree and also other sarees are available in this Benarosi Polli.


I love that yellow saree in teh photo. Where can we buy such a saree. I do not want stiff cotton sarees but nice soft flowing muslin saree

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