Road Accident In Bangladesh Increasing At An Alarming Rate

Road accident in Bangladesh in increasing these days at an alarming rate.Last month on 13th August Mishuk Munir the CEO of Bangladesh leading tv news channel ATN NEWS with his friend Tareq Masud was died in a tragic road accident near Dhaka.The death was a spot death as a high speed bus just smashed the micro bus which was carrying Mishuk Munir and Tareq Masud.The driver was also died in the road accident.The accident was happened in a blind turn in the Dhaka-Aricha highway.Another renowned artist of Bangladesh was also injured in that accident.
Just before a month back another road accident happened in Chittagong,Mirersorai as a truck carrying around 50 school students just felt into a pond as the driver in the truck was talking in the mobile phone and the accident happened in the narrow road.
The main causes of this road accident is the drivers who drive the bus and cars and not properly educated and they do not have that much humanity so that they can understand that driving in a very high speed can cause damage to the passengers.
In some cases the helpers of the buses are driving the bus as the upper management is keeping pressure to the driving license authority to issue more and more driving license as one of the minister is a leader of the drivers welfare.So,you can easily understand the situation.
But this condition is not expected which can cause a huge damage to the life and wealth of the people.Also the conditions of the high ways are not so good as those are not properly taken care.
In this situation if the condition is not improved the internal transport of human and goods will be in a big trouble and which will make a lot of lose.