Telecommunication Interview Question In SS7

SS7 has several advantages compared with traditional signaling systems. Write Some obvious advantages of  SS7 signaling?

Fill in the Gaps

A _______________________________ is a switching or, processing node in a signaling network, with the functions of SS7 implemented.

A signaling point, at which a message is received on one signaling link and then transferred to another link, without processing the contents of the message, is called a _____________________________.

All Signaling Points in a SS7 Signaling  Network are identified by a unique code ______________ bits known as a ___________________________.

The common channel signaling system uses ____________________________ to convey the signaling messages between two signaling points.

The message is distributed to the appropriate user part (e.g., ISUP or SCCP) indicated by the ______________________________.

The selection of outgoing link is based on information in the DPC and __________________________.

Explain Working Modes of CCS7 Signalling Network with diagram?
What is SCP , Explain SCP?
Write down at least two functions of each SS7 Protocol Stack?

What goes over signaling link?

 How many types of SUs are defined in the SS7 protocol?

What is FISU ? Why we use FISU?

Which SU is used  for acknowledgment of signal unit received by a remote signaling point?

Which SU  is used to control link alignment and to indicate the status of a signaling point (e.g., local processor outage) to the remote signaling point.

Which SU is used  for  call setup and tear down ?

Which SU is used  for  database query and response ?

Which SU is used  for  SS7 network management ?

Which SU  have a routing label which allows an originating signaling point to send information to a destination signaling point across the network.

Which field in SS7 carry all call control, database query and response, network management, and network maintenance data

Which field in SS7   determines the signal unit type.

Which field  indicates the beginning of a new signal unit and implies the end of the previous signal unit

What is CRC? Write the functions of CRC?

Which field in SS7 is used to acknowledge the received signal units by the remote signaling point.  

The BSN contains the sequence number of the signal unit being acknowledged.

Which field in SS7 is used to indicates a negative acknowledgment by the remote signaling point when toggled.

If a signaling point receives a signal unit with BSN = 5 followed by another with BSN = 10 (and the BIB is not toggled), what does it imply?

What is the function of 4-bit Service Indicator ? Give example?

What is the function of 2-bit Network  Indicator ? Give example?

Which field in SS7 contains the routing label and signaling information (e.g., SCCP, TCAP, and ISUP message data).

Write down at least two functions of  SLS?

Explain SS& signaling based on the diagram below?

This a basic call set up in a PSTN network. Draw a call set up in the new Internet Protocol (IP) based NGN infrastructure based on diagram above?

What is WiMax? Draw the network architecture of WiMax system?

What is OFDM and OFDMA?

What is the function of FFT and IFFT?

What is the basic principle behind OFDM?

What modulation Methods are used in WiMax?

What advanced antenna techniques are used in Wimax?

What is the channel BW in WiMax?

Compare Fixed WiMAX and Mobile WiMAX?