Forecasting Data Related to Network Planning

Appropriate planning of a network is essential for optimum utilization of resources of existing network and investment of a service provider. Planning of a network is related to forecasting of following parameters:
vNumber of subscriber
vAverage offered traffic
vBusy hour traffic
vDemand of new service (for example urban subscribers of Bangladesh have replaced their PSTN phone by mobile cell phone and ADSL)
vForecasting the correlation among demand of different services
After getting the forecast data a network planner has to figure out the following issues:
• Choice of technology and network components
• Design of network structure
• Routing principles and redundancy in the network
• Dimensioning of nodes and routes in the network
• Timing of network expansion
• Implementation of additional functionality
• Introduction of new and enhanced services
• Integration of functionality on various OSI levels
• Replacement strategies for old network components/ old technology
• Long-term strategy planning for network evolution