Jolkona : Providing Cataract Surgery In Bangladesh

Jolkona is a foundation which provides free cataract surgery in Bangladesh.Through jolkona by providing them some money or sponsoring a cataract surgery or promoting their project you can give the vision as a gift to a poor child or a person who does not have the ability to conduct an eye surgery and get his or her vision back.This is a novel project and this is just to help people who are living under the line of povertyThis is one of the public health project of Jolkona.

Around two million people in Bangladesh suffer in blindness and another 3 million people in Bangladesh is not able to see properly without spectacles which means these number of people are visually impaired.About 60% of the visual impaired people are suffering these diseases just because of cataracts.
Mojority of this people are just unable to cure this because of their poverty.Distressed Children International (DCI) has developed a program to provide free eye examinations by an ophthalmologist to these underprivileged people and arrange free cataract surgeries as needed. Furthermore, as preventative measures this program provides community awareness and education on eye health.