Jamdani Palli - Dhaka Narayanganj

Jamdani Palli is situated in Narayanganj,Dhaka.This is under Tarabo pouroshova and this is under Rupganj Thana.Narayanganj district where a large number of Jamdani saree is been weaved is a very traditional area in Bangladesh and once upon a time it was famous for Adamji Jute Mill.
This area is known as BISIC nagari in Dhaka.From here basically most of the Jamdani producations are circulated in the whole country.
After corssing the Kanchpur Bridge through the way to Sylhet after 3 KM the Jamdani Palli is situated.The name of the place where jamdani is produced is Noapara and this is situated under Tarabo Pouroshova and this is under Rupganj thana.
There are total 460 plots in that Jamdani Palli.The place is very much commercial and busy and many textile mills are running in that area.The people of jamdani palli live their life by selling Jamdani sarees in local market.Where the price is very low and the wholesalers in Dhaka go there and collect jamdani to show in their showroom.