Hair Care Tips for Teen Agers

Hair care is very important cause this is the thing which is covering our most important part of the body.Also if you do not maintain a healthy hair,your face and skin will not be healthy.Those are interconnected with each other.

    * This is important to brush your hair regularly before going to bed.
    * A mild shampoo is good for hair cause if you use a strong shampoo then the fossils of your hair will die as the hard shampoo contains harsh chemicals.A very little shampoo is need to be used.After using shampoo,hair conditioner is must.Conditioner helps to manage hair smooth and this also helps hair to get a silkyness.
    * Do not use hair dryer cause it makes your hair harsh and it will become difficult to comb.
    * Calcium is very useful for hair.You will get a plenty of calcium from milk.Taking to glass of milk is enough for healthy hair.If you cannot drink milk or not available then please take a calcium supplement.
    * Split ends are common in hair for any people from any parts of the world.So,to minimize the rate trim hair.If full cut is not possible in a week then just trim hair in a week which will lessen the split hair ends.