Why Media is So Curious About William and Kate?

Prince William and Kate Middleton has got married on 29th April,2011.The marriage ceremony was broadcasted all over the world.Thousands of people just went there just to become an evidence of the wedding.A huge amount of money is been spent in this wedding.This is good.This is normal cause the Prince of one of the strongest power in this world who has captured the market of steel is going to get married.So,excitement should be there.Their national TV channel can broadcast this ceremony.Whole world is on the same event???This is bit unusual!Was it really necessary when on the same day some children in Africa are just unable to manage his or her food!
A million of refugees are just in floating condition.A lot of people are getting died cause they are affected by Tsunami.Well,no problem.You have wealth you are doing this.

But i am getting stuck why the British Media and the media of the whole world is just not leaving these couple.Their Honeymoon is a top news,their Honeymoon got late,this became also a hot news.Journalists are now behind them to analyze their North America tour.This is ridiculous.Their honeymoon or their tour cannot be a top news in a news channel or in an online newspaper.
These are the news of an entertainment magazine.These cannot be a leading news in some world famous news channels.

What do you think?