Viral Content Buzz Contest - Win Up To 1000 USD and Get Share for Your Content!

Hello friends, what do you think just by checking the article title? This one is a great contest , right? You will get a social share for your content and you will also get a good amount which is 1000 USD. Yes, just by sharing content of others and using those credits for your content you will be able to win up to 1000 USD. Viral Content Buzz is offering this for you. Don't you know about Viral Content Buzz? If you do not know about Viral Content Buzz then just a short review: Viral Content Buzz is a site where you can get social share for your content. You will be able to earn credits just by sharing others content and you will also be able to use that for your content too.

Requirement to Participate in the Contest:
1. You need to have one Viral Content Buzz account.
2. You need to share others content and you need to get highest share for your content.
3. You must have one Paypal account because your prize money will be sent through Paypal.

The deadline for the contest is 12th July and you must need to add your content in Viral Content Buzz within 12 th June to 12 th July.

Prizes for the contest:

1. The most shared content from Viral Content Buzz will get 1000 USD.
2. The most clickable content from Viral Content Buzz will get 500 USD.
3. The most shared content promotion will get 200 USD and the prize is for several contestants.
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You can get more details about the contest here : Viral Content Buzz Summer Contest Details!

Video for the Contest: