Stag Activities For Land, Water And Air

If you have been given the duty of being a best man or know somebody that has, then you want to make sure you carry your job out properly. Any friend or family member chosen to be a part of the build up and the wedding itself is obviously of high importance, and are trusted to help make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. One of the duties that certainly shouldn’t be too taxing to plan out is the stag do. It is the time where your best friend and husband to be can relax and have a fun time with his best mates, and have a break away from wedding planning. Here are some ideas of what you could do on land, water and in the air:


If the groom who is getting married loves to be out in the water you should definitely include a water sport during the day. One activity that is very popular and a great way to add a bit of adrenaline and team work to the day is white water rafting. You can attend controlled centres which offer great facilities or find a river where professionals will be on hand to give you equipment and offer help. If they like the water but fancy something more chilled out, you could go away for a weekend fishing. Relaxing in tents and trying out the sport might just be what he needs.


If you know the groom is not a fan of the water but still wants to try something exciting out you could go out for a day of quad biking. You will all get to tackle some tricky and muddy tracks and have a whale of a time. Another great activity that will be an excellent way of spending time with all the lads is to do an assault course. If you all love a bit of competition it will give you a chance to compete for the best course finish time, maybe even including a friendly bet or a prize to add even more fun?


Something really out of the ordinary would be to incorporate an activity where you will spend time in the air. Stunt flying would certainly be an activity that you and the rest of the boys would never forget. For all of you who have dreamed of pretending you are Maverick, this would be the activity for you! You would go through practice runs with a professional and be able to perform tricks and stunts in the air yourself!

No matter if you take to the water, air or stay on dry land, make sure that you book things in advance to ensure you aren’t disappointed. You have been trusted with a duty so excel yourself, the groom is sure to be impressed with you forever and hopefully return the favour if they get to plan your future wedding! 

Zoe Robinson is an enthusiastic writer in the subject matter of stag and hen do activities. Find more information about stag do activities in Newcastle at the Tees Barrage International White Water Centre today.