A Story Close to Your Heart

This story is not written by me nor an idea of mine.I read the story someday back in a local newspaper and it touched my heart.I think your will also get something from this story.

There was a school boy in a small country somewhere in Asia.He lost his father in the very early years of his life.His mother is a maid servant and earns a very little earning at the end of the month.But she loves her son more than her life.She got her son admitted in a school.Gradually her son grew up.But her son is not pleased about his mother.Cause one of her mother's eye is not in place and she can only see with her one eye.Which make her look ugly a bit.

When his mother come to school to pick him he feels embarrassed and do not introduce his mother with others.Even he is not ready to tell everyone that the woman is his mother.

This scenario continues.Ironically her son becomes a very good student and made a very good result from the school.After that he becomes an Engineer and got a scholarship to continue his higher studies .After getting the scholarship he fly abroad and just forgot his mother who made him an Engineer because of the ugliness of his mother.He told his mother not to communicate with him and told that his mother look makes him embarrassed before other people.

His mother did not tell anything to her son rather maintaining a silence she stayed and cried silently.

After a couple of years her son get married with a woman abroad and continues to stay there.The son has become a father of twins.After hearing the news back home the mother heard the news through one of his friend and just got crazy to see her grandsons.She sold all her property and ornaments and buy a ticket to go there.After a month she arrived her sons house.After seeing his mother son reacted the same way as he reacted always before.

He told her mother to leave the place and not to come here again and disagreed to introduce herself with his wife.Mother came back with a broken heart but did not tell anything to anybody rather cried silently.

After 7 years her son came to his native land for some seminar where he was invited as a speaker.Magically on that very days his mother died.He heard that news and go to see the dead body of his mother and got a piece of paper which is a kind of letter.The words on the letter are like below:

"My dear son i know you hate me a lot for my look.You hate me cause i can see only by one eye.But my son this is not my fault.When you borne as baby one of your eyes was blind and i did not have any option to donate my eyes at that time.If that was my fault then please forgive me!


More filmy but real story. This is happening now a days no doubt. Now we are running for Money, forgotten to respect our elders.

Yes,Mr.Monoj...These days we are just forgetting everything just to maintain the cover of our fake aristocracy.This is not right at all.By the way thanks for your post and reading my post.