Get Motivated When You Are Depressed

A person is not always successful.He does not get success in each and every-work.Failure is a part of your work.But sometimes the failure is so continuous that people get depressed.But there is no reason to get depressed as it is a normal process that you will not be 100% accurate.
But the most important part is that though you get depressed you will have to recover it within a very short time frame.I will not tell that you will not get depressed anytime or depression will not come to your or Do not get depressed at any time.Cause this is not possible.As we are human being,normal human nature will get involved to our daily life.Otherwise,we will become mechanical robot.
There are many cause of depression like getting low marks in the examination,not getting any perfect job,lake of understanding between the couple,depression in office hours cause you do not have a good relation with your boss.Stay away from this kind of depression.Always get your self motivated from different kind of materials.
I myself also got depressed many times but used some technique.
  • Like watch a movie which will motivate you like "The social network","Cast Away" etc.
  • Go outside for a vacation and after coming back start the work again.
  • Watch some videos from the internet.You will get a lot of this kind.
  • Make some quotations and stick it on the wall at your workplace or at your bedroom.Like "A journey of thousand miles start with a single step".
  • Do some meditation.
  • Pass a good number of time with your friends.
  • Last but not the list,start blogging in your sphere time.It will boost up your confidence.

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