Apple iPhone 4S finally get Launched !

Yes,Apple iPhone 4S finally get launched at Newyork Today.Australia and Japan are the other two countries who will experience the new Apple 4S.People were queuing in the line for more than 80 hours.Someone is telling that "S" is added for the name of Steve Jobs.
The launching was occurred on 8:00 am EST today.The release is been happened in the Apple store in the New York City which is having an amazing Cube upto the office building.
Though iPhone 4s is already released but still the whole world need to wait for some more time to use it cause this is now only available in Japan,Australia and USA.


The iPhone 4S has an identical design to the iPhone 4, but its guts are all new. I really like the iPhone 4 design: It's still the thinnest smartphone available, and it has a stylish, premium look thanks to the glass face and back.