Make Your House A WiFi Zone !!

TPLINK--WR340GD Wireless G Router

In most of the cases people in Bangladesh and in the countries where the speed of the internet is not so good what they normally do is,take a broadband connection from a local ISP(Internet Service Provider) and use their PC or laptop with that connection.
But if there is two or multiple PC in the house then they use the Broadband connection for the Desktop and a WiMax connection or EDGE or GPRS connection for the Laptop.So,they need to pay double money as much connection they use and they are dependent on the wired connection and the length of the wire.
They also cannot move freely as the connection is in a certain point.So,they also need to sit at that perticular point and use PC from that point.
But why don't think differently a little bit!As you know now a days wireless routers are available in a low price.You can easily buy a wireless router  TPLINK--WR340GD Wireless G Router and the price is very low.The price of this perticular model is 1350 BDT average.
By using this wireless router you can make your house as a wireless zone with your broadband connection.As the place is wireless now,you can use as much as laptop you have and you do not need to pay for different connection.