The Inventor of C and UNIX Dennis Ritche Died at Age 70

The father of programming language C and UNIX,Dennis Ritche passes away in the age of 70.After a long illness he died at 70 in the last weekend.
Ritche was also known as "DMR" and as a computer researcher and scientist he spent a long time in the Bell Labs.
Working along with Ken Thompson,Dennis developed a unique operating system which was suitable for the small PC and that is named as UNIX.They invented it in the year 1971.
Unix was very cheap and it was compatible and had the interoperability with any machine. It allowed users to install a variety of software.
By 1973 they made a better version of UNIX and which is now named as C and in these days C is the second largest popular programming language in the world.

He got National Medal of Technology from Bil Clinton.He also receipt a Turing Award with Ken Thompson in the year 1983.