How to Get Google Adsense on Blogger : Guranteed Tips

May be you have just started a blog and planning to monitize your blog with Google Adsense as this is the most standard way to monitize your blog in the world of blogging.May be you have tried 2 or 3 times but still not getting the Google Ads.Then below tips of mine will help you get the Google Adsense in your blog.This is Guranteed.

1. First of all make 15-20 unique post in your Blog.The post must contain 450-500 words to make the chance better.
2.Then share all the posts in your facebook page or twitter.Then surely you will get some instant traffic in your blog.
3. Join "Networkedblogs" in facebook and Joining in the discussion board you can easily make 10-12 followers withing 30 minutes by following their blog.People are always sitting there to do this task.
4.Now the most IMPORTANT thing is that add a page in your blog named Privacy Policy.
5.To get the policy just click here.
6.Now copy the policy.
7.Paste it in your Privacy Policy page.
8.Now just replace the all the url with your blog URL.This is IMPORTANT.
9.Click and save the page now.Double check the policy.
10.Now apply for Google Adsense.

I hope your blog will get Google Adsense within 2-4 hours.If you face any problem please contact me at or write your problem as comment.I will answer your withing 8-10 hours.

So,best of luck and happy blogging.


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