Coloured skinnies in this durga puja 2011

Source : The Times of India, Kolkata. 

    The trend of the moment is undoubtedly brightly coloured skinny jeans. While Indigo is classic, but consider pink, electric blue, yellow and red. Significantly, deep pigmented colours are very hip right now. We tell you the correct ways to sport this hot trend. Coloured jeans have to be skinny, never flared, unless you are going for a retro look. Keep the shirt loose and in shades of white or grey.
    Coloured skinnies lend to an androgynous look, so wear them with loafers, oxfords or flat thong sandals.
    While colour blocking, don’t move away from the colour family, and restrict the shades to three or less. For instance, deep green jeans can be worn with a blue and white striped shirt. Don’t mix blue, red and yellow.
    If you want a softer look, go pastel pinks, lavender, etc. The same rules apply for the shirt — neutral and flowy.
    Don’t over-accessorize. Wear only one statement piece.