Source : Times of India, Kolkata

 So, you have made several shopping trips already, bought new clothes for the four-days of festivity and are all set to make others go green with your get up during the pujas. But wouldn’t it be great if you could add that special touch in your beauty to accentuate your look further? Keeping this thought in mind, Somi’s Glowz Spa has launched a spa in New Alipore recently. Adding her own radiance to the occasion was actor Ameesha Patel who was present at the launch of the salon.
    Besides pampering your skin with the latest trends in beauty and rejuvenation like rubber facials, deep tissue massages and Vichy showers, among others, there are also exclusive romantic packages for partners in the spa. Adding to the soothing ambience in the 5000 sq ft. of spa area would be natural light pouring in through the specifically designed rooms. Also, futuristic therapies with the help of machines imported from Hong Kong will greet people in a few weeks without burning a hole in your pocket. A household name in Kolkata because of her wide range of ayurvedic products, Somi Gupta, the director of the spa, believes that the USP of her products is that they can work wonders for skin and hair without damaging them with harmful chemicals. In fact, she is known to use natural products in her therapies.
    Significantly, Somi Gupta, the director of the spa, was awarded the Asia Pacific Excellence Award, 2011, for her outstanding individual achievements by the Honorable Deputy Prime Minister and Minister

for Finance, Govt of Nepal, Bharat Mohan Adhikari earlier this year. Gupta says, “Quality tells and quality sells is our motto and ‘Simply beyond’ is what we strive for in every aspect of our guests’ spa experience. This gives us the opportunity give consumers access to our huge range of products and services.”


Actor Ameesha Patel and Somi Gupta, director of Somi’s Glamour World, at the launch of Somi’s Glowz Spa in New Alipore