Post Graduate and Higher Studies In Bangladesh

In most of the cases after completing the Bachelor degree or maximum completing the Masters degree those who want to continue higher study fly for other developed countries who are giving them opportunity to study further.When these students willing to go for higher studies fly for abroad,in most of the cases they do not come back.Cause they get better opportunity over there.They also apply for permanent resident ship as life style is much more higher in those countries.
But it is a matter of great regret that the students who are not coming back are the students of any one of the public universities in the country.Though students also from private universities are also going for Phd or higher studies these days,but the number is huge from public university.
So,the matter is that the government is spending a money after a student who is not going to serve the nation.So,here the nation is the great looser.But this is not the fault of that student who is leaving the country.This is the fault of the educational system.
If the government is giving more opportunities upto masters level there must be some good opportunities in the Phd level.The laboratories of the universities should be that much rich to continue the higher studies.At least a good number of funding should be given to the proper deserving students.
The scope for Phd should be increased.If it is done so then less number of people will go abroad and settle over there.Which will be a good news for the country.