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Anyone who is someone in the Hollywood or Bollywood circuit is sporting a one-shoulder dress. And if you too are smitten by this trend, here’s what you need to keep in mind while replicating your favourite fashion icon’s look

Nikhila Pant

    One-shoulder dresses which are immensely popular with international celebrities such as reality show star Kim Kardashian, model Heidi Klum and actor Charlize Theron have successfully made their way into Indian fashion circles. Taking their cue from international fashionistas, Bollywood actors like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and Rani Mukerji have been spotted sporting this trend at events.
    However, it’s “Dabangg” girl Sonakshi Sinha who takes the cake. This hottie has taken a great liking to this trend. Be it a promotional event, a book signing or a professional photo-op, the actor is almost always seen in a bright asymmetrical one-shoulder dress. For those who want to stand out in the one-shoulder wonder, here’s a lowdown...
Watch your favourite fashion icon closely to take tips. Internationally, this style has been popularized by Kim Kardashian, whose wardrobe seems to be full of one-shoulder dresses and tops of various colours. While Kim and supermodel Heidi Klum add that extra dash of glamour with chunky bracelets and huge earrings, actors Mischa Barton and Charlize Theron stick to minimalist fashion by not adding any accessories to their attire. It is advisable to keep the occasion in mind when opting for this dress. A glittery one-shoulder piece will look best for an evening do, while for the afternoon or morning look, try a light hued one-shoulder top.


The best part about a one-shoulder dress is that it suits all body types. Since it draws attention away from the lower body to the neck and shoulder area, this style can be sported by people who have heavier bottoms like Kim Kardashian. So, it is the safest bet for those with apple-shaped bodies — with a large bust, broad shoulders and narrow hips.


For those of you who are skinny, choose a form-fitting elastic single strap dress. Team it with a pair of stilettos and you will be the babe of the evening. If you are battling
the bulge, choose a one-shoulder side drape dress. A side drape creates an illusion that takes the eyes off your belly. This will instantly define your waist line and take the attention away from all the problem areas. And if you’re worried about being petite, then choose a one-shoulder dress with a high waist band which will highlight your legs.

Choosing the accessories to go with one-shoulder dresses is as simple as it gets. All you’ve got to do is pick that one piece of jewellery — either a pair of earrings or a chunky bracelet

or a huge ring — that will highlight the glam quotient. You can also choose a choker for a classic look, complete with a 60s hairstyle. All you need to add is one pretty looking clutch and a pair of nude stilettos.


Bra straps are a complete turn off, so it is best to avoid a bra with straps, no matter how funky or transparent the straps are. An extra strap will kill the idea of a one-shoulder dress. also, always try the dress on before buying it to make sure that it suits your bustline. If you are a little more adventurous, then you can also go for the paste on bras. However, it is best to stick with strapless bras.


A disastrous hairstyle can break any look. If you wish to wear your hair down, sweep your mane over the shoulder with the strap. You can also pull back your hair for a more sleek and sophisticated look.

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