Akshar Dham - a New Travel Destination in India

Akshar Dham is a temple which is located in New Delhi India.This is a very lucrative temple and this is really a nice tourist spot in New Delhi,India.This is also not so far from New Delhi Railway station.

There is no doubt that India is one of the best tourist places around the world.India is having one of the seven wonders which is named as Tajmahal,which is situated in Agra.People usually go to New Delhi and then take a tour to Agra.Cause it takes only 5-6 hours by road to reach Agra and visit Tajmahal.Besides Tajmahal there is another nice and lucrative tourist place which is situated in New Delhi.This is Akshar Dham.

Anyone can easily go to Akshar Dham by metro train.From New Delhi railway station if anyone wants to go to Akshar Dham by metro rail then he or she needs to go to the near by metro railway station.The nearby metro railway station is Rajiv Chowk railway station which is near by Chonnaught Palace.After taking one metro train for violate line one can go to the station which is itself named as Akshar Dham.After getting out from the Akshar Dham metro Railway station one can go to Akshar Dham by walking.

The entry fee to Akshar Dham is totally free but need to wait for a while before entering into Akshar Dham.Cause you need to deposite your bags and other devices like mobile camera to the deposit counter.Nothing is allowed inside Akshar Dham.Then after depositing all the things except money wallet you need to go through a security checking.After that you will be able to enter into Akshar Dham.

After entering you need to walk for one minute to see the main temple building.The main building is the main attraction of the tourist place.In the evening when all the lights are on, you will be able to see the extreme beauty of Akshar Dham.Themain temple building is sorrounded by a lake.You will see different kinds of art works which are places in the walls.Besides this there is one Lotus garden if you go to the right side of the main temple building.The lotus garden is like lotus in shape.You will also see one museum inside the Akshar Dham compound and you will be able to see various kinds of beautiful things show piece and different kinds of books.

There is another main attraction inside the Akshar Dham Temple which is the musical fountain show.There are 3 fountain shows which are so lucrative to see.The best of musical fountain show is that you will be able to see that the fountain will go like the musical rythm.Various kinds of lights are also displayed during the fountain show.The ticket for the fountain show is 60 rupees.The entry to Akshar dham gets closed at 7 pm positively.

So if you want to visit Akshar Dham Temple,you must need to enter Akshar Dham temple before 5 pm.Because it will take around 2 hours to enter into it after depositing your baggage and going through the security process.But you can stay upto 9 pm inside the Akshar Dham Temple.

From the Akshar Dham temple you will also be able to see the metor railway track and this is also a beautiful seen when trains pass through that place.Though i am explaining all the things but it can be explained only 10% of the beauty of Akshar Dham.

So,come to New Delhi.Visit Tajmahal and visit the temple named Akshar Dham.