Show Respect to Women!

Women do a lot to build up our society.They bring your future generation to this world.They are the home makers.Show respect to women.

In most of the countries in Asia women do not get proper respect.They just do the household work in their house and a man dominates on her.In most of the cases woman does not have any participation to the outside workes.They have restriction to live in thier house only and just to take after the children.They are even not allowed to go outside to take the education from school.So,they are also deprived from education.

Women in the muslim countries are much more restiricted.They need to wear "borkah" which is a kind of dress which will cover all their body and even the face.The muslim people are much more conservative about woman.But women should get proper respect.Cause we need to think that they are not the machine of human production.They can do all the works in the society similiar to a man.So,their work is also respectable.

Countires in Asia and in some countries in middleast also tolerate eve teasing.People over there pass some bad comments when a women gets out of the house.The women are also helpless.They have nothing to do over there.They also tolerate those bad comments when they get out of the house and go from one place to another.

Even the security of the women is not ensured in some countires of the world.Still the woman cannot move around the house at late night.They suffer this kind of insecuredness when they have a work at late night.

That is why most of the women cannot work at night.One point is noticable which is that this problem still remains in the countries which are still not developed.

But people should provide proper respect to woman.Casue if proper education is provided to woman then they can also rule the world.They also have the capibility to go to the space.They can run the whole system.They can be put in charge of a nation.So,they expect proper respect.The countires which are not giving proper respect to the woman,they should think that if they will not provide proper respect to the woman,they will not be able to succed in the long run if half of their population which are woman is been deprived from all the basic needs.

Women should be given proper education also.As per Nepoleon ,an educated nation can only be made if the mother is educated.Everyone should keep in mind.We can start respecting woman right from our home.We need to start with our mother,sister,daughter,wife etc.If we start to respect them from our home then every woman will get the proper respect and they will not feel insecured.

Take care of them when they are pregnant.Cause at that time they need the care most.Stop women torturing.Try to understand their feelings.Women are always very soft,so try to behave with them gently and softly.It means a lot to them.

Respect woman and build a better society and better world.