Scholarship News in Taiwan for Higher Study!

This is a scholarship information in Taiwan.It is very easy to get this scholarship.People can try this,qualify for scholarship and continue their higher studies.

Taiwan is a very small country with very high technological background.The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.In the recent times Taiwan government is spending a lot of money to promote the universities and technological information through out the world.Taiwanese government also want to explore English as a medium of instruction.As the main language in Taiwan is Chinese and this is the mostly used language,government want to change this and want to globalize the culture.For this reason,Taiwanese government is giving a lot of scholarship for the foreign students to do higher studies.

Cause if foreign students come then the teachers must need to use English as a medium of instruction.Which will force them to learn English as well as they will be forced to use English as the medium of instruction.Also the local students will also be forced to learn the English language cause they need to read ,write and listen English language.

Anyone from any part of the world can apply for this scholarship.These scholarships are mainly for masters and PhD program.In undergraduate level there are also some scholarship but most of them are not taught in English.So,those are not that much helpful for the foreigners.But the scholarships for the higher studies are much more helpful and the foreign students can get a lot of opportunities by studying in Taiwan which is like a heaven for technologies.

The scholarship is provided two times in a year.One is in the month of January for which you need to apply around October and another is on September for which you need to apply on the month of February.Cause the process will take around 3-4 months.

Student who are from other countries can visit different public universities website to check for the schlolarship program.The amount of the scholarship for the Masters program in 210000 per annum.The university will also provide dormitory facilities and health insurance.

I am telling this with confidenfce cause i have already got the scholarship and i am studying in National Taipei University in Taiwan.I am having a very good time over here and the education over here is standard.

So,students you can come to Taiwan and enjoy the contry and its culture.