The Ultimate Beauty in India - Tajmahal!

Tajmahal is one of the seven wonders in the world.It is situated in India and the state where it is placed is named Uttar Pradesh.The place where it is exaectly situated is named as Agra.

If you want to see Tajmahal you need to go to New Delhi.New Delhi is the capital of India.After going to New Delhi you must need one transportation to go to Tajmahal.You can rent a private car,a micro bus or you can travel by a tourist bus.The best time to visit Tajmahal is winter.At that time the temperature in New Delhi remains very low like 4-5 degree which is suitable to travel.

If you want to take a tourist bus to go to Tajmahal then the air conditioned tourist buses are the best one.Cause it will save you from the winter and you will also feel comfortable.The road from New Delhi to Agra is fine so you will experience a very happy journey.But try to keep your food with you.Otherwise you will have pay much more than usual if you want to take your food by the side of the road.

If you choose a travel bus or tourist bus then the bus will charge you around 600-700 rupee.It will go to 4 places.First it will go to Agra Fort.Which is also a very beautiful place.Tajmahal is also visible from Agra Fort.Then it will take you to Tajmahal.The entry fee of Tajmahal for foreigners is 750 rupee.But for the locals it is only 50 rupee.

You need to take one e -bike which is available near Tajmahal.Then the tourist bus will take you to the place named Mathura and then it will take you to the place named Vrindaban.

To go to Tajmahal it will take almost 6 hours from New Delhi.You can take picture of Tajmahal.But you cannot take picture inside Tajmahal.You need to take off your shoes and you need to wear a shoe cover.

I have visited Tajmahal and it is just awoesm!