Machine to Machine Communication - a New Era of Science!

Machine to Machine communication is totally a new idea in the field of communication science.Here one machine is going to communicate with another machine.So,manual instruction is needed.

Yes,machine is going to communicate with teh machine.This will be the new trend of technology.Many industries are already investing a lot of money to get this thing implemented.Professor Shin Lin Sheih from National Taipei University,Taiwan is working on this knid of project with his masters students.The project is to make a communication system where two machine will communicate with each other without any manual insturction.

If someone is still not clear i am making it clear with one good example.Suppose you have a refrigerator in your residence.But you are very much busy with your work and you do not have enough time to check whether you have all the vegetables of food in your refrigerator.Or you have just forgot do you have any Chicken in your fridge or not?So,you can face problem after coming back from your office if your refrigerator.But if you had machine to machine communication,in that case the refrigerator will measure the weight the in the chicken tray and if it is o or less than 200 grams then it will decide that it is going out of chicken.So,after judging that it will automatically redial to the nearby supermarket and place an order for chicken in their machine.After seeing that the supermarket sales man will send some chicken to your house.So,after returning from office you will get all the thing that your fridge was running out.

Similarly,thnink that you are enjoying movie in your house at night time but you want to see and control your business place remotly from your house.If machine to machine communication will be there you will be able to control your business place CCTV from your home by using your mobile.

So,if machine to machine communication will be in place then lots of things will be possible which was never be imagined.


The abilities to read an electric meter from a distance, to send a signal to an alarm response center when an airbag deploys, and to know when a ball bearing starts to deteriorate are some of the applications of wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) technology that are a reality today.