Dhaka Durga Puja Picture Collection 2011- Part 1

 Durga Puja is getting celebrated by in all over the country as well as in the capital Dhaka.People are visiting the Durga idols with great pleasure.The places are crowded and you will be able to see some great collection of art and culture in the places.In the year 2011 Durga puja in Dhaka city are in full swing.
 The above picture is the picture from Siddshewri Mondir,Mouchak,Dhaka.The idol is placed inside the temple and the security is also good and there are separate place for man an woman.
 This is from the Jagannath Hall,Dhaka University.The place is decorated very well.As the place is in the student hall and has some natural resources,they have decorated the place just like the past years and the environment is also good.Security is good.
 The above picture is also from Jagannath Hall ,Dhaka University.
 The above picture is from Ramna Kali Mondir.Here the place is huge but the place is crowded.People were making unwanted gathering as the place of entrance is narrow.
 The above picture is also from ramna kali mondir.

 The above picture is from Jagannath Hall.This is from the road.
 The above picture is also from Jagannath hall.This is just in front of the pandel.
The above picture is from jagannath hall.

 The above picture is from Banani.This puja is so gorgeous.The budget of the puja is 4 crore.The decoration and the lighting is so expensive than others.
Banani puja entrance

This is also the entrance of banani puja

 This is the face of the idol of maa durga in Banani.The picture and the face is nice.
This is from Banani puja

Face of the idol at Banani

Art at Banani Puja

Face of the idol at Banani Puja

The above picture is also from Banani Puja 2011

Bananai Durga puja 2011

Banani Puja lighting 2011

Banani puja lighting at 2011

Bananai puja at 2011

Banani durga puja 2011