A unique plan to reduce the traffic jam in Dhak City

Proposed plan:
To establish a separate train line from Kamalapur to Tongi and to use 10 local train from Kamalapur to Tongi.
Plan Description:
The separate train line will be dedicated for the local trains that will travel from Kamalapur to Tongi and will stop into the stations.The list of the stations are From Kamalapur,Malibagh,Moghbazar,Rampura,Kawranbazar,Tejgaon,Mohakhali,Banani,Cantonment,Khilkhet,Airport,Uttara,Tongi.
If the trains will stop in those stations then passengers will easily be able to reach their destinations cause these stations almost cover each destination in Dhaka city.Trains will stop only 2 minutes in each station and passengers will collect their tickets from each station.
They will also be able to cut a monthly ticket which will provide them unlimited up and down travel throughout the month.
As the main traffic jam is in the route from Moghbazar,hopefully it will minimize the traffic jam into half.Also the transportation procedure will be a permanent one and people will be able to travel with a very little money.