Medical and Health Sector In Bangladesh are in Threat!

Medical and health sector in Bangladesh is in a very bad condition.People are not getting proper treatment and the doctors that are practicing in the country are not so expert.Today when i am writing the post,on 01/10/2011 one engineer has been died for maltreatment in one of the renowned hospital named square hospital in the capital.
He was not treat with importance though he was admitted in the hospital as a heart patient.If the situation in the top of the hospital in the capital is like this then you can image what is the situation in the rural area.Still there are some villages where there is no MBBS doctor and people are not getting proper treatment.
Though some NGO's are trying to assure the medical assistance to them,still the facility is not adequate.So,people are suffering as the medical facility is not so good in those rural areas.

Not only in the rural area but also in the urban cities the people are not getting quality treatment.As there are few people in the whole country who can diagnosis the problem and can make the best treatment.People also gather to those doctors but because of the huge pressure doctors are not in a position to treat all the people who came to the doctor.
The diagnostic centers are also not so qualityful who can make the report 100% correct.Though there are some good diagnostic centers who test the reports well but most of the diagnostic centers are not serious about their task and do not make their task with any importance.
If this condition will not change then the life of the people of Bangladesh will be in great danger.