Facebook is making divorce in USA!

Yes,this is true that Facebook is a social network which connects people form all over the world.But this is also true that the connection is so rich that Facebook is also causing divorces.Using Facebook the couples are doing chat with unknown people and getting involved with relationship which is turning into as a great unfaithfulness.
American Matrimony of Maritual Lawyer's have done one research and this is proved that one divorce case from every five has Facebook in its background.When the new relationship formed this usually formed from Facebook in every one case from five divorce cases.

66% lawyers used the information from Facebook to maintain the divorce cases.Another 15% used information from myspace.But myspace rate is small.In Britain also in every 100 divorce cases Facebook is responsible for 20 divorce cases.


so flirting in reality does not trigger divorces is it?if a partner really goes the extra mile to please his chosen one, this wont happen eithe rin reality or through facebook. the sad thing is marriages are more fleeting and to pass the time for males especiallyone day importance attached to it, that is the wedding day