What is Internet Banking?

Internet Banking is a way of performing some banking activities through internet by a customer himself sitting at his home or office.In some other country,this is also termed as online banking.For accessing the internet banking facility of a bank,the customer must have a computer and an internet connection.Then he needs to get an ID(Identification) and corresponding password from his bank for accessing internet banking system.
Having all the above ,the customer first visit to the website of the bank(by typing websites address of the bank at the address bar of a browser) and click the link written "Internet Banking".The internet banking page will be displayed where the customers has to type his ID and password.If these are correct ,the customer will get a menu using which he can do the following activities:
1. Check balance of all the accounts.
2.View and print the account statement for a particular period
3.Payment of loan installments
4.Payment of fee of the educational institutions
5.Add/modify/delete standing instructions
6.Open a FDR at maturity or before maturity
7.Creating LC and sending to the Bank for authorization
8.Sending request for cheque deposited for clearing
9.Apply for a personal loan
10.Checking interest rate
11.Checking exchange rate
12.Change password


Excellent explanation about intranet banking. Most of the people who are very much involved in banking they know what Intranet banking is. Banks which have such facility are preferred over other banks. Thank you for the time you gave for this amazing information. Keep writing.