ATM and ATM usage in Bangladesh

Banks in Bangladesh have installed ATMs in different parts of the country with a view to pass on the banking services close to the customers.As such the customers do not need to go to bank branches for withdrawal or deposit of money or other services.He can avail these services from an ATM installed close to his residence,office or shopping place.ATMs remain open 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year.In this way the customers can withdraw or deposit money through out whole day and night even in the holidays.This has given freedom of banking to the customers.Now customers are not worried to withdraw money before close of cash counter at 3:00PM or before a long holiday or before a journey to another city.

Bank customers can avail following services from ATM network:
1.Cash Withdrawl
2.Payment of utility bills
3.Fund Transfer from customers own account to another account
4.Checking account balance
5.Printing mini statement(last 5 transactions)
6.Cash and cheque deposit

However,most of the ATMs installed in Bangladesh do not have facility to deposit cash.In some ATM booths a separate deposit machine has been installed to accept cash in envelop and cheque.In such case customer inputs his account number and deposits cash.