A rainy day at Dhaka

In Bangladesh the rainy season is the season of blessing for the farmer as the get natural irrigation from the nature.River get full of water and fish becomes available.The tree get new leaves and growth.In villages the rainy season is a lazy season as they farmers do not have any work to do.
In the city area and in metro like Dhaka rain is nothing but a problem because of not having proper drainage system in the city.Also the streets get muddy and the free moving of the people becomes a problematic one and people most of the time do not like rain.
But still it adds some extra dimension to the life while in rains in the metro.The below picture the sequence of this rainy day.
 In the afternoon the sky becomes dark as the clouds and monsoon gathers together.The sky was telling with its sound that the rain is coming within a short span of time.It was thundering continiously.

 Finally the drops of the rain started falling and the people started running to save themselves from rain water.They were looking for a place to shed their head at least.

Some people were trying to save their body with a cover which they had at that moment.But this small cover was not sufficient for them.
Some were well prepared to protect the rain water with umbrella.Still the heavy rain was getting them wet.

 The school girls were getting wet with the rain water and they were enjoying it.That was a water ride for them.

Some adults were also enjoying the rain water and getting wet under rain water.The natural shower in the evening to pure the mind and soul!