What is MIS?

According to James A. O'Brien "Management Information System(MIS)" is a computer system which provide managerial end users with predefined management reports that would give managers the information they needed for decision-making purposes.
Therefore,MIS is a computer system which generates reports based on which the top and mid-level management of a bank or an institution can decide on some business,development and administrative issues.For example,bank system generates FDR maturity report which shows a list of FDRs along with maturity date and amount which will be matured in next 7 days.A manager looking at this report can decide on the following issues:
1.To pay the FDR money to the customers,whether he needs to borrow money from hid head office or his cash position is enough to pay this.
2.To which customers the manager needs to communicate for convincing him (the customer) so that the customer keeps the money with his (manager)branch as FDR or other form.
In the same way ,based on the reports on the daily deposit and advance positon,the managing director of a bank can decide where he needs to give more attention-for collection of deposit or disbursement of loan.