Durga Puja Locations In Dhaka City

Durga Puja the biggest festival of Hindu community is celebrated in the capital of Bangladesh,Dhaka.with a great joy.There are a lot of locations where this puja is celebrated and the panels are made in the city.The locations are all in the prime locations.In Dhaka city the locations are given below where the durga puja is celebrated:
1.Banani Field,Banani
2.Kolabagan Field,Kalabagan
3.Jagannath Hall in Dhaka University
4.Ramna Kali Mondir,Ramna.
5.Wari,Bonogram lane,Wari.
6.Sakhari Bazar,In Sakhari Bazar old town,You will be able to see a lot of Durga idol in this tiny street.
7.Notun Bazar,Gulshan
9.Kali mondir,Kaola,Khilkhet,Uttara.
10.Ram Krishna Mission,Gopibag,Dhaka
11.Siddeshori Kali Mondir,Siddeshori,Mouchak,Dhaka
12.Dhakeshori Mondir,Lalbag,Ajimpur,Dhaka
13.TatiBazar,Old Town,Dhaka
14.Lake City,Khilkhet,Dhaka