Rare Fruits and Foods In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh various kinds of fruits are available.Like banana,mango,jack fruit,apple,orange,coconut,litchi,guava etc.But besides this there are some kind of food which seems to be available only this part of the world and people also eat them with a great taste.Below are samples:

 This is alo vera.In Bangladesh people mix it with drinks or juice and drink it.This has a very good herbal quality.It will make your digestive system strong.It will also make your digestive system more efficient.
 By seeing this you may be think that this is Kathal or Jack Fruit but this is not.This is cham kathal.This grows only upto 5-6 inch.
 These is the inner part of the cham katha.People eat the inner part.This is tasty like jack fruit.
 This is a rare fruit and named deua locally.The inner part is juicy and jelly like.The taste is strong sour.
 This is called maitya aloo locally.This is used as potato.People eat smash and vegetable of it.
The fruits are clockwise from the bottom Kath Lichu, Deshi Gab, Bel and Nuinya Fol.People in the villages are used to it and people like all this kind of fruits.