What is Alert Banking?

Alert banking is a system which sends a sms to the customers when a debit or credit transaction of an amount more than a pre-specified amount occurs in the customer's account.For example,if a credit alert is set in a customer's account for an amount more than TK.1000 BDT and his monthly salary of Tk 27000 BDT is deposited into his account ,system will generate a sms as under and send to the customers mobile registered for this service.
To set up and alert banking against an account ,the bank needs to know the following from a customer:
1.Mobile number of the customer
2.Account number of the customer
3.Debit amount:if the transaction amount is more than this,a debit alert will be generated.
4.Credit amount ;If the transaction amount is more than this a credit alert will be generated.
The alert banking is useful for the customers who receive salary or foreign remittance regularly.This is also useful for the customers as he can come to know about any fraudulent activity in his account instantly and can undertake immediate measures.