Dhakai Saree - The Finest Cotton Saree in Bangladesh

Dhakai saree is made up from finest cotton which is made by the expert workers.Skilled and efficient human workers weave this saree with a very consentration.
The saree is called Dhakai saree cause this saree is mainly made in the capital city of Bangladesh,Dhaka.The sarees are mainly weaved in the district Tangail which is near Dhaka.Tangail is famous for its Tant saree and other unique types of saree.

There is also another kind of saree which is unique for its design and that is called Tangail tant saree.All these types of Dhakai saree and Tangail Tant saree are made up of pure cotton.
In Mirpur Benarosi Polli you will get this type of saree and you will be astonished by the collection of saree in mirpur benarosi polli.

If you do not want to go to Mirpur in Dhaka then no problem.Just go to hokers market and you will see a lot of this type of collection.

Don't forget to bargain while buying the saree cause the salesman are hiking their price but this is a suggestion that do not get frightened about the price that they ask for.Judge the quality and fix a reasonable price.


Can you tell about 2 or 3 good shops in Dhaka where we can buy these sarees as we have just 2 days in Dhaka.