Pictures from the heart of Bangladesh

A beautiful kid with her small drums to make the environment full with the sound of joy!

A saloon in the heart of a village

An ancient kings palace in Dinajpur

An old woman coming back from Temple after completing her puja

A blink turn!

An ancient joinak tree!

A shy boy in the village

A kid filling water in old Dhaka!

As per the name Bangladesh is a very simple and natural land in the world.The people of this country is so hospitable and trust other people so much.Their life style is simple and they do not know how to cheat people.The village people are more simple than the urban people.
One tourist who will come from the different country to Bangladesh,will not be able to discover Bangladesh if he just visits the Metro of Bangladesh or some urban areas of Bangladesh.The design of Bangladesh is not like the design of the cities.
It is totally 180 degree reverse than the design of the Modern cities in the country.The people in villages are so hospitable and simple that you will love them on the first site.The natural beauty also lies in the village areas.There are no artificiality in the rural areas.They are the best and the beautiful people of Bangladesh.The pictures are just an attempt to show the simple and common life style of Bangladesh.