Quality of Websites : Public vs Private University In Bangladesh

This is very unfortunate to see the websites of the public universities in Bangladesh.Even university website of Dhaka University is having so less information and poor graphic design that someone will really wonder.The condition of Jahangir Nagar University is also same.There is no proper course directory for the different departments.They have their own journal but there is not information about those journals.So,how come people from outside will submit or participate papers in those journals?One common question comes into my mind ..what the computer department or the administrative department is doing and what are the responsibilities of those departments?There is no doubt that they are getting lot of back up from the government and they do not have any shortage of resource.Then why the quality of the websites are so poor?
On the other hand some of the websites of the renowned private universities like NSU,AIUB,AUST and EWU are resourceful and have sufficient information.Also the presentation is decent and have quality information.
When government of Bangladesh is planning to build the Digital Bangladesh then why the websites of the public or government university looks like analog !!!