Persona Spa CCTV Scandal At Banani Dhaka!(Nudity Business Inside)

On 30/09/2011 in Persona Banani branch such thing happened which was not imaginable before yesterday.A hidden cam was found in the lady spa room.
Yesterday on 30/09/2011 at 20:30 pm one lady from Banani when to Persona Banani branch to take a body spa.As she told to the reporters,after her spa when she was dressing up she saw a CCTV Camera upto the roof and as the light was on she recognized that the camera was on.
She argued with the persons present in Persona that why the camera is placed over there?The persona person argued that it was for security purpose.But the lady argued that what kind of security is this?Then they did not replied.Then she informed her husband and she along with her husband reported this police station.Police came to the place but as always does not do any effective thing.
Then the husband of the lady beat the persona person and told them to give the video back to them.Then after sometime the persona person give it back to the lady.
So,guyz....specially ladies please always be alert to avoid such situation.This is very bad and frustrating that a beauty parlor like PERSONA is doing such things which is unethical.
Now will anybody keep trust to Kaniz Almas???This is a big question now.